About the Guardian Program:

What is a Guardian Home?

Occasionally we have a puppy from our program or purchase one from another high quality breeder that we want to add to our breeding program. We have our dogs live in our home with us and they are NOT kennelled, and therefore our breeding program is limited by the number of dogs we can have in our home at any given time. To solve this, we occasionally will place a puppy in a guardian home. The guardian has custody of the dog from puppy hood and for the entirety of the dogs life, just as a regular pet, with the exception of staying with us for whelping and rearing a litter of puppies and breeding related visits. After the Labradoodle has passed all of its health testing she will come to us once a year to be bred and have a litter of puppies. We are responsible for all of the health testing and breeding related costs, while the guardian is responsible for regular pet costs. An intitial deposit is payed by the guardian to us, but we return it over the course of the contract (3 or so litters or 5 yrs). Then the dog will be retired and spayed, and ownership of the dog is transferred to the guardian family permanently. The family has the option to adopt a puppy for free from the last litter to go home with the mom. A contract is required. If you are interested in applying to be a guardian home, or want more information, please email me: puppies@canadianchocolatelabradoodles.com

We do not always have a puppy waiting for a guardian home. We prefer to find a good guardian home first and then work with them to find the right puppy. We have contacts with high quality Labradoodle breeders across Canada and the US and if we find the right guardian home, we can usually work with the family to get a puppy that fits their desires which will also work in our breeding program. This puppy would be the "best of the best" and our guardian program is a rare opportunity to adopt an exceptional Labradoodle.


F1b chocolate labradoodle