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          labradoodle puppies

About us:

We are a home based breeder of high quality multigenerational chocolate Labradoodles. We specialize in the various shades of brown (dark brown, chocolate, milk chocolate, cafe, lavendar, and parchment; see past puppies for pictures). We are currently breeding multigenerational and blended American + Australian labradoodle lines (see Labradoodle history for more on generations). Our dogs live in our house with us as part of our family or in guardian homes. Our dogs are not kennel dogs and our puppies are home raised and well socialized to kids and a busy household. They watch movies and curl up on the couch with us, accompany us exploring the nearby conservation area, and play in our yard with typical doodle enthusiasm. Our puppies are raised inside our home and are socialized with people of all ages, from our grandparents to our two kids. Our labradoodles are great with people and other dogs and make great family pets. We are firm believers that parent dogs MUST be health tested to ensure healthy puppies (see Health Testing for more info). We lived in Ontario for most of our breeding career and we have guardian homes in the greater Toronto area. We have litters available in Ontario, Canada, in partnership with our guardian homes and our mentor breeder. We have moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and will occasionally have litters available there as well.

 chocolate labradoodle

chocolate labradoodle puppies